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Role-Play Rules Empty Role-Play Rules

Post by ScarletttCake on Tue Jun 28, 2016 7:57 pm

Role-playing rules

- You can’t role-play if you don’t own a FluffPaw. You can get a FluffPaw from this group:
- You have to have an approved Character Card in order to start role-playing.
- Please write long posts on the role-play - at least two sentences.
- If you're not a tolerant person and are going to throw a fit about things such as homosexuality, then please leave this forum.
- Refrain from the drama and making your character either too perfect or too sad and miserable. Please, at least try to give it some depth.
- Try to not destroy the mood of the moment by bursting into the middle of someone else's role-play, unless they asked you to.
- Do not make your own places without the admin's or mod's permission. Just PM either me or W-rabbito so that we could approve of it. It does not apply to the Offtopic part of the forum.
- To start role-play simply open a new thread in any of the towns.
- No offtoping on the role-playing part of the forum.
- Please use the right grammar and punctuation. I’m not demanding perfect English, since it’s not even my native language – everyone makes mistakes. But please, read what you wrote three times before posting, so that everyone can understand what you meant, and watch out for typos. The posts which nobody can understand will be deleted.
- You are writing just for your character. Do not write for other characters. Do not write anything that might affect everyone on the island.
- If nsfw in the rp happens, please do it PRIVATELY. No descriptions on the official posts, please. Posts with graphic descriptions will be deleted.
- Please write in a prose.
- Do not be a major asshole. That applies to the offtopic part of the forum too. Please understand that everyone has their own opinions and we all gotta respect it.
- If you'll break any of the rules, it'll result in getting a warning. Three warnings equal to a ban.

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