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Post by Falkzii on Fri Sep 09, 2016 10:09 pm

Falkzii's Fluffpaws Diesel_standalone_by_falkzii-dadzz7d
Name: Diesel
Gender: Male
Age: Adult (Human 28-32)
Cast: Ex-Pirate / Current Guard
Job: Guard
Sexuality: Pansexual
Mate: Looking
Personality: Hot headed (though rarely violent), doggedly loyal, respectful.
Mounts: -none-
Aiden - Friend/Co-worker?
Deisel's parents were pirates, but they had their own code to follow and were rather respectable; at least as much as they could be for being pirates. Once they passed on, Deisel became a pirate and had a crew of his own. His crew all abided by this same code that his parents had. Soon they found other pirates, pirates who did not follow by their code, or anything remotely similar; they were different, bad. Deisel believed that stealing and killing were the untilmate sins; and thats just what these pirates did.
Soon he forced himself to stop being a pirate, he couldn't sit back and watch as these other pirates did what they wanted. So he joined the guards. He went through their tough training and eventually became an officer.

Falkzii's Fluffpaws Malachi_standalone_by_falkzii-dae55od
Name: Malachi
Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult (Human 20-23)
Cast: Mage (Water) / Merchant
Job: Fishman + Sells fish and trinkets extracted from the bottom of the sea.
Sexuality: Pansexual, leaning more towards men.
Mate: Looking
Personality: Sarcastic, Loyal, Irritable, Sneaky, Good-Natured, Imaginative, Independent.
Mounts: -none-
Relationship(s): -none-
Malachi and his dad didn't have enough money to send him to a shrine to learn magic, and instead bought him books. Eventually when he had the money saved up, Malachi had pretty much learned on his own, but he went anyways, to learn from professionals.
There he was physically and emotionally abused by the priests/students?, and decided to leave.
Upon returning home he learned that his dad had gotten sick, and they didn't have the money to help him. He soon passed away, leaving the Fishing shop to Malachi.  


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