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Post by sijed on Sat Sep 10, 2016 4:48 pm

Art of your FluffPaw:Sijed's Fluffpaws 1862293_H5T0sAK1izKoR36
Name: Aravinda (nicknamed Vin or Ara.)
Gender: Male
Age: 22 yrs
Cast: Merchant . Ex scientist.
Job: Florist/Herbalist combo
Mate: On trial stage with Unico
Personality: Sweet, Possessive. Smart, Humble-ish. Curious. Flirty as fuck.
Mounts: None.
Randy/ScarletttCake : hostile? Kinda.
Keiran/Scarlettcake : CRUSH. BIG. TIME.
Aiden/W-Rabbito : Flirt victim, friend.
Lily/Kaito : Ex. Frequent customer.
Kyle/Kaito : Friend. Talked one time? I think?
Unico/Kaito : Mate.

Had no parents, just kept by a couple for a while until he hatched. Immediately found an interest in flowers. Went to study, became a Herb-doctor in the Scientist Caste.
After feeling too stressed, the Fluffpaw found a new work as a florist.
(has been crushing on Keiran since he was 19. Now trying to get over the Paw Shopkeeper with his trial mate Lily. Looks for a top, he's a total bottom, but will swap positions for the one he loves.)

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Post by ScarletttCake on Sat Sep 10, 2016 4:58 pm


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