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Character Card Form Empty Character Card Form

Post by ScarletttCake on Tue Jun 28, 2016 8:14 pm

In order to make your Character Card, please fill this form:
Art of your FluffPaw:
Name: (Name of your FluffPaw)
Gender: (Male/Female/Other?)
Age: (Age of your FluffPaw)
Cast: (Mage, pirate, etc.)
Job: (What they do, where they work)
Sexuality: (Hetero, gay, etc.)
Mate: (Looking/not looking, if one then write their name)
Personality: (Shy? Brave? Quiet?)
Mounts: (Do you have any Vinesel or Mizins?)
Relationship: (Relationship with others at the beginning of the role-play - any family? Maybe friends?)
Backstory: (A SHORT backstory of your FluffPaw, please watch out for the grammar)

Make a thread with your nick in it and post the filled form. You can start role-play with your Fluff only after approving the Character Card. Do not write/rp/answer on the Character Cards. Any posts there will be deleted. If you have any questions, please write them on the PW to either me or W-rabbito.
Approved Character Cards threads will be locked.

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