LF Mates and Friends, co-worker maybe.

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LF Mates and Friends, co-worker maybe. Empty LF Mates and Friends, co-worker maybe.

Post by sijed on Thu Sep 29, 2016 9:02 am

Looking for mates and friends for the local gay Florist Aravinda.
He runs the Lilac Lanes, specializing in any wild flowers. His shop is open anytime, closed down when the sun sets.

His shop is known for the flowercrowns he makes, and the lovely bouquets that feature lilac roses.

I'm trying to find the perfect mate for his flirty ass.
Here's some requirements:
- Aged 20 up.
- Brute or Average sized.
- Lives in Evertown.
- Plays the male role in sex (AKA. Tops)
- Can fucking stand the fact that Vin still might flirt with others.

Currently seeing if they fit with;
Unico (Kaito)
Diesel (Falkzii) - More possible

Looking for a co-worker, friends.
Vin is quite the social butterfly, but not really that trusting to have actual friends.
And I also figured that being a florist all alone is not so fun, especially when the orders for flowercrowns are piled high, so yes, there is a spot for hire in the Lilac Lanes. <3

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