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Post by KaitoTheToxinFox on Sun Nov 06, 2016 7:08 am

Kyle, in a drunken daze, stumbled out of the Sour Pidgeons. His tan fur was spiked up in places it shouldn't, his blondeish gold hair was messy, his red bandana out of place, and the bandage covering his right bicep missing, revealing an ugly, light blue scar in the shape of an "x".
His captain's jacket was matted and little tears could be seen on the edges. The pirate mumbled a bunch of nonesense, going on about how attractive his mate was. Still extremely drunk, he tripped over his feet and landed on his nose. Screwing up his face, Kyle mumbled a few swears as he held his nose. The brute then bumped into someone, and he turned to say sorry.
"M' sry 'bout that." He slurred

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