Information about Grimehorn [READ BEFORE RP]

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Information about Grimehorn [READ BEFORE RP] Empty Information about Grimehorn [READ BEFORE RP]

Post by W-rabbit on Sun Aug 14, 2016 8:31 pm

A small seaside town that is mostly inhabited by fishermen. Folk that lives here is rather quiet and introverted. In the past it used to be often attacked by pirates and it is said that some of them have left their treasures in the caves on the beach nearby. However, going there is dangerous because the caves become temporarily submerged during the high tide. There were accidents when young Fluffs who dared to wander into the caves looking for the treasure got trapped and drowned.

Exaples of places:

Under the Hanged Salmon (tavern)
The port
The market
The beach with the caves

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