Information about Goldbourne [READ BEFORE RP]

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Information about Goldbourne [READ BEFORE RP] Empty Information about Goldbourne [READ BEFORE RP]

Post by W-rabbit on Sun Aug 14, 2016 8:59 pm

When the old Fluff Paw tribes decided to live together in harmony, Goldbourne became the first official capital of the Green Island. Thanks to its location, the Paws were able to build a huge port, from which the first ships were sent to discover the waters around the Island. The ships would come back with their cargos full of valuable resources and soon the city of Goldbourne became what it is today – the most beautiful and the richest of all Green Island cities.
The returning ships however were an easy pray for pirates. They were more and more audacious and soon not only the ships were attacked but also the storages in the ports and nearby houses. The Paws were scared of leaving their own houses. Because of that, the Council decided to move the capital deeper into the land to protect the king, who could easily become a victim to those ruthless attacks. That is how Evertown became the new capital of the Green Island. Now Goldbourne still is the most representative city on the Island but thanks to the Fallen Stars who protect the shore and hunt the pirates on the water, it's much safer to live there.

Examples of places:

The Navy Headquaters
The Port
The Sour Pidgeons (a tavern)
The market
The spices shop
Blacksmith's shop
The Unity Square

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