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Post by ProfessionalVerbs on Sun Oct 02, 2016 10:35 am

Art of your FluffPaw: ProVerb's Fluffs Average_fluffpaw_023_by_pawlist-daduwyk
Name: Edge
Gender: Male (?)
Age: 22
Cast: Guard [Detective]
Job: Detective
Sexuality: Bi
Mate: Interested, But not necessary.
Personality: Loud, A bit flirty
Mounts: N/A
Relationship: N/A
Backstory: Edge doesn't have a really interesting life. He was born, Went through their childhood.. But something along the lines sparked his interest in the justice system. Maybe it was a small petty crime where simple logic solved everything or something happening, letting him see how the Guards worked in the first place.. It seemed natural, If you thought about it and had the right evidence it'd be easy to figure everything out and find the truth in any matter.. And so. he Decided to be a Detective.

Art of your FluffPaw: ProVerb's Fluffs Average_fluffpaw_022_by_pawlist-daduwco
Name: Hirondelle (Hiro for short)
Gender: Male (?)
Age: 17
Cast: Outcast
Job: Adventurer
Sexuality: Pan sexual
Mate: Looking for one
Personality: Carefree Trickster, Enjoys going out and socializing
Mounts: N/A
Relationship: N/A
Backstory: Hirondelle Originally Planned to be a doctor, But studying, learning proper procedures... All the cleanliness required just bored the heck out of him. He wanted to do something more exciting! Seeing Blood and guts was fun and all but What was the point when he was only going to sew them back up in the end. So, he became an Adventurer instead. It was much more exciting and he could do so much more.. The best part was any fights he got in.. He could throw cleanliness out the window and let anything spill out![/i]

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